Frequently Asked Questions
  • Sicily has a typical Mediterranean climate: warm and sunny weather from April to November and very mild winters. While it can be hot in July/August, the sea breeze brings a bit of relief and the weather is generally pleasant all year round.

    We recommend planning your trip to Sicily between March and June, September and November, in order to avoid the extreme heat and the higher prices.

  • There are various options to fly to Sicily and as the rates of a low cost company are different to the ones of a scheduled flight, this is the main reason why we don’t include the price of air travel in our offer. You can either reserve your flight on your own or decide to include it in our offer together with your personalized trip. We are at your disposal to adapt our tours to any selected flight.

    We are willing to give you all the information and the best rates from your nearest airport. We are known to take good care in the planning of your trip.

  • Aircraft companies fly to the airports of Catania, Palermo and Trapani. We recommend looking at their websites for a more detailed research on direct connections. The most interesting rates are Ryanair, Easyjet as low cost companies, and Alitalia for flights from all over the world (with stopover in the main airports of Italy).

    To reach Sicily by ship take a look at the website of Grandi Navi Veloci (from Genoa, Civitavecchia and Naples to Palermo).

  • You can find detailed information on the link Fly & Drive of our website. We usually attach to each personalized travel offer all the information on car rental. If you still have doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

  • Does the offer that we have sent you meet your requirements? Send us an email to confirm your booking, providing the necessary details (name, address and date of birth for each traveller, postal address, telephone and mobile number for contact during the trip). Also remember to notify us immediately if you have any special needs, such as preference for single beds, allergies to certain foods or products, or specific requests.

  • We have a fairly comprehensive view of the availability of the structures with which we collaborate, so when the personalized offer is prepared and sent by e-mail, we check the feasibility of the offer. We reserve the right, however, to check the final availability once we receive the travellers’ booking information. If one or more structures should no longer be available, we will arrange an alternative route, which will only be definitively confirmed subject to your explicit consent.

  • After the booking request made by sending the required data, we send a detailed invoice by e-mail. If the departure is within 6 weeks from the billing date, the full amount must be paid within 8 working days. Otherwise we require a down payment of 30% of the total price, with payment of the balance no later than 6 weeks before departure.

    Payments are normally made by international bank transfer. Credit card payments are only permitted through the PayPal service. In this case we require an additional fee of 3.8% of the stated price to cover administrative costs. Please be aware that payment via credit card will probably entitle you for a travel and cancellation insurance. You need to verify this with your own credit card issueing institution, normally your bank.

  • After receipt of the balance of the invoice we will send all the required travel documents by e-mail, i.e. any airline tickets, accommodation and car rental vouchers, with all the details of the premises where you will stay, including detailed information on how to get there. We also reserve a travel guide for our guests, with a selection of must-see places and available excursions and guided tours, as well as useful tips for your trip.

    For last minute bookings, once we have received confirmation of payment, we will send the documents in digital form as soon as possible.

  • It is certainly possible to take out an insurance policy for any cancellations (cancellation policy) and for any claims made during the trip (travel insurance). The insurance company usually takes into account the travellers’ country of residence. Since its registered and administrative office is in the Netherlands, only travellers resident in the Benelux and Germany territory (up to 100 km from the border) can take out insurance with Tururi Tours. For other guests we simply provide recommendations for taking out online insurance, depending on the country of origin.

  • Regardless of the reasons or whether cancellation insurance has been taken out or not, in cases in which you have to cancel the trip booked for any reason, the following penalties apply, calculated on the basis of the time in which the cancellation is communicated:

    • More than 3 months before departure: 15% of the total cost of the trip
    • Between 3 months and 6 weeks before departure: 30% of the total cost of the trip
    • Between 6 weeks and 30 days before departure: 50% of the total cost of the trip
    • Between 30 and 15 days before departure: 90% of the total cost of the trip
    • Within 2 weeks from departure: 100% of the total cost of the trip

    The cancellation must be communicated promptly by phone and followed by written notice via e-mail.

  • Excursions and visits to various places of interest are left to the free choice of the guest, who can make them independently or with the assistance of the accommodation management, which is always willing to provide advice regarding visits to all local sites of interest and available activities.

    We reserve a travel handbook for our guests, which you will receive together with your travel documents prior to departure, featuring a selection of must-see places, possibilities for excursions and guided tours and useful tips for your trip.

  • Article 7 of Directive 90/314/EEC on travel, holidays and "all inclusive" tours requires tour operators to provide customers with sufficient guarantees to ensure the refund of payments and repatriation if necessary. The directive has been accepted by all Member States, with the exception of Italy, where the travellers’ guarantee fund intended to ensure the guarantee provided for in Article 7 has not yet been established.

    Tururi Tours has its registered and administrative office is in the Netherlands and is therefore subject to Dutch legislation, which has already implemented this guarantee fund some time ago (SGR, Stichting Reisgelden Garantiefonds). Tururi Tours is duly registered with the guarantee fund under number 3373. Our required membership can be verified on the SGR website.

  • Tururi Tours has specialised in organizing trips to Sicily since 2003. Through its extensive knowledge of the land and of the life of this beautiful island, over the years Tururi Tours has carefully and personally selected accommodation facilities, mainly Agritourism, B&B establishments and small family-run hotels, where the quality of the welcome and human warmth make the trip an unforgettable experience.

    Our guests repeatedly thank us for helping them discover authentic Sicily: places and people otherwise unknown thanks to our mediation. We are proud to create memorable tours for our guests and to share with them the feeling of having experienced the real Sicily rather than the artificial version "for tourists".

    We are happy to share some of the comments from visitors who have preceded you; please visit our link Feedback on our website.