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Located on the tip of Italy’s boot is Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean. Its more than 25 thousand square kilometers are surrounded by turquoise waters full of fish and underwater ruins. Shaped by majestic volcanoes and unspoiled nature, Sicily is the melting pot of an assortment of different cultures. Its natural resources, dramatic landscapes, and rich heritage, taken all together, offer the most mesmerizing spots and finest delights for everyone who’s looking for an upscale traveling experience.

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Wine and delights luxury tours of Sicily

Sicily is renown for its wines and delights. Due to volcanic eruptions, the island has a fertile soil. Thanks to that, Sicily is rich in agricultural production of top-quality products including wheat, corn, fruits, vegetables, citrus fruits, olives, and grapes. One can also find delicatessen typical of the island such as ficos d’India dell’Etna and pistacchios di Bronte. Using these products, Sicilians have developed since ancient times one of the wealthiest culinary and viticulture traditions.

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Sicily’s wine and culinary heritage is the synthesis of the many cultures that have collided in the island through centuries. Top-quality ingredients and a rich traditional cuisine provide the perfect environment to top-chefs and cooks showcase its art in Sicilian delights. Equally speaking, the specific climate conditions of the island provide the necessary elements for the production of unique wines in upstanding traditional wineries. One can travel through the island and enjoy the best dishes paired with luxurious wines of the different regions of Sicily.

A good way to experience this gorgeous island and its textures, essences, flavors and its deepest secrets, is through a self-driven wine and gastronomic tour. If you are wondering where to go in Sicily, the island has a lot to offer, so you may want the advice of an expert. Your connoisseur of the best places on the island is Tururi tours: We design our luxury tours to Sicily having in mind our principles of sustainability, locality, and personality. We have set tours in which you will see some of the gems of the island. We can also design a luxurious tailored tour just for you.

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Our fixed luxury tours of Sicily gives you the opportunity to drive through the island in an eight-day voyage, in which you will enjoy the best Sicilian wines and gastronomy staying in top winery hotels in three different regions of the island. Starting in the South-East, during the first three days you will be hosted in Torre Marabino, a winery hotel-farm located in an old 16th-century tower in Val di Noto. In this place, you will taste a hand-selected set of Chardonnay, Moscato di Noto and Nero d’ Avola, all of them produced with native vines of the region. As part of the gastronomic experience, you will be able to taste a variety of sophisticated flavors of the Ragusa region in the restaurant La Moresca. All the plates served in this place are produced with organic ingredients grown in the area.

After staying in Ispica, Ragusa, you will go to Menfi, Agrigento, located in West of the Regione Siciliana. You will be lodged for two days in the elegant La Foresteria resort, renowned for its upscale hospitality and its top-class wines and oils. Surrounded by a great variety of aromatic herbs, you will taste luxurious wines, developed on a long-standing agricultural tradition passed from generation to generation since 1500. La Foresteria counts with a tasting room with a hand-picked collection of the best wines of the region.

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You can also visit one of the six cantines offering fine selections of Ragusa’s wines, including Chardonnay, Nero d’Avola, Grecanico, Merlot, and Syrah. For those who find pleasure in the divine art of cooking, you will be able to take a class with the renowned Chef, Angelo Pumilia, and learn from first-hand some of the most famous Sicilian recipes. If you don’t find pleasure in cooking and you prefer instead to taste different dishes, you can visit the restaurant of La Forestina and enjoy the contemporary and traditional cuisine of Sicily. While you are here, you will have to enjoy the traditional world famous Sicilian pastry

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On the sixth day you will drive to the slopes of the magnificent Mount Etna, the third most important wine region of the Sicily. You will stay in the elegant boutique farm, Monaci delle Terre Nere. This 19th-century estate and organic farm where vineyards, olive trees, fruits, vegetables and spices grow, was restored keeping the old design of the building and applying the principles of bio-architecture. In this place, you will be able to delight the long-standing viticulture of Zafferana Etnea. The volcanic soil around Mount Etna has propitiated the ideal conditions to create wines that are unique. This has granted these wines the right to be labeled as Protected Designation of Origin. Some of the wines here are produced with Nerello Mascalese grapes, an indigenous variety that gives wines a unique character.

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You can also enjoy the exquisite gastronomical experience in Locanda Nerello’s restaurant, which goal is to recover some of the original tastes and flavors of Sicily using healthy and refined ingredients. For that, they use original and ancient wheat varieties and rare native species of fruits and vegetables. Each dish is the result of accurate research that looks for the balance between authenticity, taste, and genuineness. Finally, on the eight days of this self-driven tour, you can return home, changed, and be wishing to come back to Sicily soon.

Sicily luxury private tours

If you prefer to have a Sicily guide tour, we can design luxury tours of Sicily. These can include the above mentioned, or accommodate the tour to your needs and wishes. The only thing you need to do is to contact us. Our tours follow the principles of sustainable and responsible tourism, in order to respect and preserve the natural, cultural and social resources of the island and make a positive contribution to the economic development of the region. In this sense, we have achieved the perfect combination of luxury guided tours and agritourism. We know the island because we love it. The fact that previous customers aknowledge us as the best Sicily travel guides is just a consequence of our passion.

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